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We Move Seniors! Downsizing, sorting, organizing, moving, and settling into a new home, whether to, from or within New York City -- leave all the details to us!   (Member, NASMM, National Association of Senior Move Managers)

A Move at Any Age is Difficult and Stressful

Many of us have not moved in 30 - 50 years and need to downsize substantially. It may be a transition to an apartment or condo, a smaller apartment, or a move to a senior community.

Artful Transitions NYC is here to help -- every step of the way, with:

  1. the overwhelming organizational and physical   tasks
    of packing up and moving to a new home.
  2. the emotional demands of sorting through and downsizing a lifetime of memories and possessions

  3. all aspects of the move process, from developing an overall plan, with customized floor layouts and storage plans, to overseeing the move, to unpacking, organizing drawers, closets and pantries, and settling into a new home.

  1. Older adults

  2. Family members and friends

  3. Bank and trust   officers

  4. Geriatric Care                            managers

IMAGINE yourself walking into your new home on moving day and finding all the furniture in its place, clothes in the closet, phone, Internet and TV connected, drapes hung, beds made and all the cartons gone! And the kitchen drawers and pantry, linen closet, bathroom drawers and shelves are organized just the way you like them?  Magic?
This is what we do every day!     

  1. Attorneys and executors

  2. Corporate EAP directors

  3. Realtors and staging professionals

  4. Social service providers/social workers

  5. Senior living communities

  6. Physicians and allied health providers

  7. National Association of Senior Move Managers (NASMM) from across the country and around the world

  8. Executives in need of an assist

  9. Clergy

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